Helping Kiwis Win in Business

What we do

We can help you with the running of your business so you can get on with doing business

Business success today comes through knowing who to talk to, when and how. innovateHQ navigates this – Helping Kiwis Win in Business.

We are a collective hub of companies mixed with business execs, entrepreneurs, and consultants that help businesses navigate and fast track their path to success while amplifying their stories and promoting their learnings.

We passionately believe what works for New Zealand business, works for New Zealand.

How we do it

Our team of business experts will take you through our appraisal process, and help you build an action plan to prioritise and navigate your next steps.

We’ll then connect you with the right people and services to get to you where you need to go...

Our media channel amplifies and promotes business stories to help inspire, inform, motivate and accelerate action for your business.
Our proprietary iHQ Appraisal identifies, prioritises and helps us navigate your path to success.

Our team of seasoned navigators will connect you with the right people who have the right expertise to point you in the right direction.

Our partners

Our collaborative community of specialist business providers are all committed to helping get you there faster.

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