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There is nothing Hospitality or Food and Beverage Craig hasn’t got BUSINESS results in. After 21yrs spanning senior leadership roles to CEO level in NZ and Asia Pacific. Craig decided to follow his ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit stepping out of corporate and focusing 100% on helping Kiwis win in Business. As a CONNECTOR and INVESTOR, he sits on a number of Advisory Boards and works directly with Owners, Executive Teams and Boards ensuring CULTURE, VALUES, SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, STRATEGY and EXECUTION are at the forefront of minds. His passion is ‘Connecting Exciting Opportunities’ through helping Kiwi businesses navigate and fast track their path to success.                                         p: 021 714 318

With a UK BANKING and ACCOUNTING background, in 2008 Hamish founded Konnect Net, an IT TECHNOLOGY START-UP providing a collaborative interface between NZ insurers and the health sectors which he exited in 2018. Hamish then moved on to lead KPMG Enterprises NEW MARKET ENTRY solutions in the SME market, KPMG Small Business. Hamish specialises in FINANCIAL SERVICES, business strategy, change management, new start-up ventures – with a primary focus on how businesses can adapt their business models to more effectively grow and compete with a constantly changing market place driven by new innovations.                                   p: 021 934 866

Passionate NZ entrepreneur and investor with a number of successful exits, focussed on strategy and growth and growing NZ company’s both locally and into international markets through strategic relationships.                                   p: 021 240 8030

At the heart of innovateHQ operations, Mel keeps it all in check. With over 10 years international experience in cross-industry, cross-cultural collaborations across multinational NGO’s, behind her, Mel leverages her experience in project+ops, web, digital tech + systems management, to direct and manage our operations, campaign and initiative strategies from idea to execution.                                     

With some 20 years experience in the creative industry, Derek’s experience spans large multinational agencies to small start up operations. From founding member of Australia’s high profile agency, Campaign Place to a Global Director of Design at Saatchi and Saatchi to a seat on the Worldwide Creative Board. Throughout which, Derek developed a keen desire to help inspire and deliver creativity in business. As a partner of innovateHQ Derek is available to help businesses win through the unreasonable power of creativity applied to any business opportunity or challenge.                  p: 021 953 177

After 28 years in the technology industry Warren is a passionate believer in people-driven innovation and its ability to support the growth of NZ businesses both here at home and abroad. Warren has been fortunate to lead teams of talented Kiwi’s applying innovation to a wide range of industries and has seen the incredible benefit to NZ business firsthand.

Globally experienced executive leader with a passion for reinvigorating businesses. Expert advisor for sales, marketing, partnering and organisational design.
David’s strategic insight, technology savvy, cultural awareness and proven problem-solving expertise has enabled businesses to transform, grow and create value.

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